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DIABETIC FOOT CLAY JUESAR We want to share this testimony with all JUESAR family. A diabetic person used to have some sores in his right foot. He decided to do a treatment with Clay JUESAR for almost three months. At the end of this time he could avoid an amputation of the last part of his leg.
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Listen Monday through Friday the Natural Health program number one in Colombia "EN LINEA DIRECTA CON JUDITH" from 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM for the following dials: 930 AM - 1190 AM y 1280 AM, in Bogotá.
En Linea Directa con Judtih Televisión Ahora podrás ver a la Dra. Judith Esquivel junto con la Dra. Iris Minerva Castro y todo el equipo de trabajo JUESAR, hablar de todos los beneficios que brinda la buena alimentación para la salud, nutrición y belleza. Conoce todos los secretos que la naturaleza nos ofrece.

Juesar - Quality Life Products

JUESAR LABORATORY is a company focused on the manufacturing, production and marketing of natural products. It offers its customers personalized attention for their needs through excellent products and training in food, with goal of providing quality life for consumers.

We  are in different parts of city and some municipalities. We are in Natural Stores. Our products are excellent quality and they have constant innovations, which in more than 28 years have proven restore and recover health. In addition, the ongoing disclosure in radio stations and health news, have strengthen the teaching of Dr. Judith Esquivel Arevalo about the correct form eat, mixing and matching meals.  As the easiest way to bring a healthy, happy, full of harmony, wholeness and peace.

JUESAR LABORATORY has a broad portfolio of products and services to improve the quality life for consumers.


  • Arcilla's line
  • Multivitamins
  • Calcium
  • Plant Extracts
  • Fruit Ferments
  • JESMAR line


  • Sales Training
  • Healthy day
  • Health Training
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